Wedding Yacht Charters

Make A Memorable Moment With A Wedding On A Yacht


A wedding should be a memorable once in a lifetime experience. There are several ways that you can make your wedding to be the most amazing day of your life for you and your guests. One great way is by using our wedding yacht charters which will help you in creating some truly memorable experiences on your big day.

If you are planning a wedding you should consider a wedding on a yacht or you can always celebrate your honeymoon with a weekend cruise. With such a big day there are so many arrangements you have to make. We are here to help with the planning whether it be the whole wedding ceremony or just doing your wedding reception on a yacht.

Wedding-Kiss-Newport-BeachHere at LA Yacht Charters, we are well experienced in making special days the most memorable moment you can enjoy. Our luxury yachts ensure the most ideal space for weddings which provides an unforgettable and amazing setting; featuring impeccable service, exceptional cuisine and unparalleled skyline views. Whether you plan to have intimate gathering or some lavish celebration, we are going to customize your big day to fit your particular and personal requirements. Our wedding professionals are to work with you on scheduling times and dates, the bar/menu details, event structure and floor plan plus reception set-up.


For A Truly Memorable Event – Think Yacht Rental For Weddings

Using our wedding yacht charters, you are going to make that big special day the most unforgettable experience. The type of wedding you hold on a yacht will surely be a memorable one, not just for you and your spouse, but also for your family and guests. This is going to stand out and make everyone truly wish you the best in your new journey with your life partner.





Experience a Truly Impressive Event

Your wedding should be impressive, extravagant, amazing, and one of a kind. Majority of individual associate yachts with glamour and affluence. Therefore, when you use wedding yacht rentals, you inexorably make your event look quite impressive and the most attractive event of a lifetime.

Enjoy being swept away at sea

The yacht is able to move to wherever location you would like. This implies you may carry out on part of the wedding in one place, and move the other part elsewhere. The guests will be seated comfortably along for the ride. You may pick a destination and let us know your itinerary and we will make it happen, taking amazing wedding photos along the way.

There are several benefits of a wedding on a yacht. We here at LA Yacht Charters ensure that you will have an amazing big day and will never forget the experience.