Corporate Yacht Charters

Come Enjoy A Memorable Corporate Event Aboard a Yacht


In today’s increasingly competitive world, finding a novel means of impressing customers and inspiring staff may be an arduous challenge. Luckily, at LA Yacht Charters we have managed to perfect the art of organizing esteemed and hospitality events. We are a reputable company known to organize yacht rental for corporate events within a short period of time.

We boast of several luxurious yachts that are ideal for hosting corporate events. If you prefer a sailing yacht for your team or a smaller more personal yacht for your clients, or you may wish the create a truly unique and magnificent impact with a cocktail party for a big number of guests aboard bigger and luxurious yachts.

We have a big selection for corporate yacht charters that will be sure to impress your guests and make it fun for all. These are all meant for you to have an opulent and memorable corporate event that’s going to leave long lasting impression on your clients and your employees.

Why you need a private yacht rental for your corporate event

Luxury yacht charters are not basically confined to the likes of couples, families or group of friends looking for an extraordinary holiday. With a corporate yacht charter you are able to use these amazing vessels to entertain your clients, host business actives or reward your employees.

Private yacht rentals are a great way to travel and far exceed other venues and accommodations you would have to arrange for corporate parties. Yachts services provide each person aboard an entirely new experience, with liberty to develop fresh ideas plus he/she will be inspired in the workplace.

Each corporate charter is designed to be distinctive to the client plus their individual needs. Whether required to encourage team bonding, impress a customer, or provide motivation for employee excellence, here at LA Yacht Charters, we have corporate yacht party service to satisfy each and every need.

Some our largest yachts may host hundreds of guests and sleep a good number of people in compete comfort, we even accommodate companies with large groups of guests no matter what size your party you may indulge in a corporate yacht charter. They are an amazing setting for corporate entertainment that can include theme nights, formal dinners, product launches and receptions. They also provide a unique venue for all types of business activities that range from conferences and meetings to secret contract discussions and negotiations.

Corporate private yacht rental services will provide an available time you need for your event. If you need it just for a half day, full day, or full week we are able to accommodate. As with vacations, a corporate yacht charter is staffed fully as well as catered-for, therefore each person aboard is able to carrying on with business.

You can trust LA Yacht Charters as we promise to give you amazing corporate event experience.