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Catalina Island Yacht Rental Services: The LA Yacht Charters Experience


It’s true, money can’t buy you happiness. It’s the experiences that you purchase with it, that can help to give you happiness because when it’s all said and done, life is really all about experiences. Experiences that create memories which can prove to last a lifetime. Have you ever wondered what kind of experience you would be able to receive if you acquired a yacht rental? Well, every moment and every detailed on a yacht charter in Catalina Island is specifically designed to fit your situation. That’s because whenever you charter a yacht, this is exactly what you will receive. LA Yacht Charters offers unforgettable experiences that you can share with your family members and close friends. From a breathtaking adventure to pure relaxation, chartering an elite yacht provides this and more.

LA Yacht Charters is your premier choice for a Yacht Charter in Catalina Island

We have been proudly serving the upper class residents of Los Angeles with elite yacht charter services for several years. As such, we have acquired a reputation with CEO executives and Hollywood movie stars alike, when it comes to being the number one elite charter company in the state. This is due to what we like to call the “LA Yacht Charters Experience” Said in simple terms, we provide a unique experience that other companies within our caliber fail to provide. The experience that we offer consists of the utilization of our very own professional and experienced team of captains, crew members and support staff who oversees all aspects of our luxury yacht operations such as the administrative, technical, financial as well as the safety and legal aspects of running an elite Catalina Island yacht charter. By doing this our clients are able to relax and enjoy their experience, without worrying about the function of the operation itself, because that will be taken care of.

Enjoy your special event with our Catalina Island Yacht Charter:

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we are specialist in elite charter rentals. Based on this fact, we strive to ensure that we provide access to the most technologically sophisticated elite yachts that the world has to offer. Whether you are looking for an elite yacht charter or if you are an owner who is looking to generate revenue, our team is fully capable of being able to perfectly match your individual needs.

Professional Staff

No matter if you are coming from the many ports of Dana Point, Newport Beach, or Long Beach, our brokers travel extensively to seek out the most visually appealing, captivating and enchanting destinations for you holiday. As such, they can point you in the right direction when it comes to traveling to a destination that will surely offer an unforgettable and breathtaking experience.

Customized Experience

Catalina Island yacht charters offers all the amenities, facilities and benefits of a floating elite villa, while at the same time enabling you to explore a vast array of breathtaking destinations amidst comfort, privacy and unparalleled luxury. That’s because, as an elite guest on a charter yacht, you’ll be able to customize all aspects of your vacation. Additionally, our charter brokers travel a wide array of destinations around the world to inspect yachts, service levels, crew, ports and local suppliers to ensure that our elite guests only experience the best of the best.