Birthday Yacht Charters

Enjoy Your Birthday Celebration Experience with a Yacht Rental

Birthday-Cheers-Newport-BeachYour birthday is a special time you get to have family and friends enjoy your special day with you. You only get to celebrate your birthday once a year, which makes it a perfect time to celebrate on a birthday yacht charter. Having a birthday on a yacht is a fantastic way to bring enjoy another year older with your loved ones. There are few places in the world that can top a birthday on a yacht which is why we love to help people celebrate that special day with one of your elite yacht rentals. The experience that yachting offers is one of a king, something that most people seldom get to enjoy and you can be sure that the memories will remain long after the celebration is over. What on earth could be more special than sharing this awesome experience with the people that matter to you the most?


Ways to celebrate on a yacht

There are endless methods of celebrating your birthday party on a yacht. You may want to cruise out to Catalina Island with friends and take a scuba diving trip or just a day cruise around the coast with a loved one and enjoy a sunset dinner on board. Whichever choice you make the longer time you spend on yacht the better experience you get. We also offer fun fishing trips, sunset cruises and water sports. LA Yacht Charters can help you plan for your special birthday event and make it a day to forever remember.

Planning for your birthday celebration

Birthday-Party-on-Newport-Beach-YachtIf you need help planning your special birthday event please shoot us a call and we can go over some ideas with you. Here are some things to think about when planning a birthday on a yacht.

  • If you are wanting to stay overnight in Catalina or on a weekend trip make sure to dress for all occasions and the weather is unexpected out on the sea.
  • Consider the number of people that will accompany you as this will decide the size of a yacht that will want to book with us.
  • Let us know if you have a location in mind and we can let you know if we sail there. There are numerous islands which you could choose from in the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Choosing a birthday theme

If you would like to plan for a birthday celebration with a birthday theme that will make it a fun memorable experience. Let us know if you have a certain birthday theme in mind and we will try accommodate it to our best.

With LA Yachter Charters at your service, you can be sure we will make it our #1 priority to give you the most enjoyable birthday experience like no other. We have huge range of yachts that can serve the needs of all those who want to enjoy their birthday party on a yacht. We are able to ensure that your birthday celebration is an unforgettable experience out on the open waters. Whether you are looking for an intimate event or an extravagant party, we have a perfect solution for you.